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    The art of aviation

    Learn how to operate both helicopters
    and airplanes. Contact us today to
    speak with one of our instructors
    about how to get started!

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Looking for fun things to do in Lancaster, PA? Go on our helicopter sightseeing tours!

View Lancaster County like never before with a helicopter sightseeing tour from Smoketown Helicopters! Smoketown Helicopters provides educational helicopter rides which are a great option for all ages when looking for fun things to do in Lancaster, PA. Allow our Lancaster native pilot to offer you breathtaking views of our county and famous landmarks while hovering hundreds of feet off the ground!

Unforgettable Helicopter Rides Start as low as $39.99!

During your helicopter ride, informative commentary will be provided by the pilot in-flight for an insightful and memorable helicopter experience. Designed to fit your schedule and budget, our unique helicopter rides start as low as $39.99 per person, and appointments can be made for any day of the week.

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Helicopter Flight Training in Lancaster County

Thinking about becoming a pilot? Smoketown Helicopters is a high quality helicopter flight training school located in the heart of Lancaster, PA. Learn how to operate both helicopters and airplanes with ease alongside instructors that care about flying just as much as you do! We pride ourselves in preparing every current and future helicopter pilot with the proper knowledge, training, and skills required to be successful in the art of aviation.

Earn a Flight Training License in as Little as 15 Days

Whether you’re dreaming of earning your Private Pilot License, of becoming a career Helicopter Pilot, or simply looking for something to do in Lancaster PA, Smoketown Helicopters can help equip you with the proper tools to reach all of your flight goals. Earn a license in as little as 15 days with our accelerated helicopter courses or schedule instruction seminars at your convenience! After completing proper flight training, you can even rent our helicopter. What could be more fun in Lancaster County, PA than exploring the county from the air? Contact us today to speak with one of our instructors about how to get started!





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