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Flight Training Experience Award

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Behind the Name

Smoketown Helicopters, was built on the foundation of providing more than a flight school that can be searched online. We are a facility of pilots, mechanics, and aviation enthusiasts. A small veteran owned business that has been growing since its start in 2014. Being a small business, we have the benefit of getting to know the pilot as a name not a number. Smoketown Helicopters cares about more than passing a pilot but assisting a pilot in becoming the best aviator they can be.

Providing the students with the tools to meet their goals. One of the main tools required is a safe aircraft. By being a Robinson Service center, we are able to ensure that aircraft are maintained in accordance with regulations. Another benefit to having in house maintenance is the limited amount of time an aircraft is down.

As time goes by, Smoketown Helicopters, will continue to further their education within the aviation field. We pride ourselves in maintaining relevance within training and evolving with the aviation world.

Garrett Snyder

Garrett Snyder - Owner - Chief Pilot: Helicopter CFII, Airplane CFII, MEI, IA

Garrett manages and oversees airplane and helicopter flight training at both our Smoketown and Brandywine locations. Working closely with the other instructors to ensure the highest quality of training is provided. Garrett conducts the stage checks with students to ensure they are on track with Smoketown Helicopter’s program, allowing him to incorporate his experience with students. Garrett started his career in the Air Force as a jet engine mechanic. After leaving active duty in 2011, he joined the Air Force Reserve, starting his career in flying on the civilian side. He has roughly 5000 hours experience, mostly in Robinson helicopters. In conjunction with flying Garrett also oversees the Robinson Service Center Maintenance division and is a Robinson Helicopter Factory Trained A&P mechanic. Extensive knowledge of flying and maintenance provides the ability to train and serve pilots and customers on a higher level. When he is not flying or working on aircraft he enjoys spending time with his wife Jen and their three children.

Garrett’s Philosophy: Train to become a real-world pilot not just a pilot that passes the test.

Jennifer Snyder

Jennifer Snyder - Manager

Jennifer grew up in beautiful Naples, FL and joined the United States Air Force in 2008. She was stationed in California where she met her future husband, Garrett. Her Uncle and Grandfather were both pilots, introducing Jennifer to aviation at a young age. She graduated from American Military University with a Bachelor in Business Administration and now continues to expand her knowledge within aviation. Director of Operations here at Smoketown Helicopters, Jennifer still serves in the United States Air Force Reserves. When not at the airport, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Garrett, and their three children.

Nate Childers

Nate Childers - CFI

Nate is a helicopter CFI here at Smoketown. Nate started flying in 2019 with Smoketown when I got out of high school and hasn’t looked back since. “I enjoy teaching and want to help people achieve their aviation goals like Smoketown Helicopters did with mine.”

Chance Miller

Chance Miller- CFI

Hi, my name is Chance Miller. I am a CFI helicopter pilot and am training towards my CFII. I have started my training at Smoketown in 2021 during high school. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed aviation and knew I had to be a part of it someday. I had the opportunity to take a Helicopter tour when I was 15 and right as we picked up, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I look forward to training and helping people achieve their goal in aviation like I have mine.

Could not have asked for a better experience! There is no one I would trust more to take my 5 year old son on a helicopter ride. Husband and wife team Jen and Garrett were such a pleasure to work with. Even when it was just my son, Garrett was so attentive, informative, and fun! They understood my concerns for safety, and went above and beyond my expectations. If you're even considering a trip to smoketown helicopters for yourself, friends, or family, don't wait! Highly recommended! -- Melissa DeSalis