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Helicopter Maintenance

Smoketown Helicopters can take care of all your Robinson Helicopter needs. From a routine oil change, 100Hr, annual, or overhaul we got you covered. Track and balance services can also be provide onsite. We pride ourselves in completing work in a timely manner, customer service, and knowledge of Robinson aircraft. Garrett Snyder, Owner, has attended both the Robinson Safety course and Robinson Maintenance Course. Emergency Services are offered off site and quoted on a case by case basis.

Training services are also offered. Schedule a BFR or SFAR 73 at time of service.

Helicopter Maintenance

Services available include but are not limited to:

Robinson R22 100Hr/Annual $900
Robinson R22 2200Hr overhaul $15,000
Robinson R44 100 HR/Annual $1100
Robinson R44 overhaul $16,500
Shop Rate $80
Helicopter Maintenance

Build your own?

We’ve all been there, scrolling through the ads saying to yourself, “It’s alright, but…”

Smoketown Helicopters is the one stop shop you’ve been searching for. We can assist with finding a timed out helicopter, performing the 2200Hr inspection, and making the helicopter new and to your choice. Custom items can include interior, add-ons, and paint. With today’s market this option is more often than not less costly for the purchaser compared to a new R22 or R44.

Thinking of purchasing a Robinson Helicopter? Why not overhaul one? This can be more cost effective compared to buying a new one from the factory. We can assist you through the whole process of buying a runout helicopter and building it to the specs you request. Also, if you need training in your aircraft we can provide that to you also.

Keep in mind, there are variables in overhauling the helicopter, please reference below for a rough estimate.


Core runout helicopter $30 - $60k
Overhaul Kit: $88k (includes bladder tanks)
Core charge for parts: $15, 520 (typically 80-85% refunded determined by Robinson)
0-320-B2C: $28,500
Engine core charge: $15,000
Interior (optional): Velour : $3,100
Interior (optional): Leather: $3,500
Magnaflux service:$800
Overhaul labor: $15k
Total Cost Beta w/o interior: $167,550
Total Cost typical Beta II w/interior:$201,550


Core runout helicopter $100 - $150k
Overhaul Kit Raven I: $137k)
Overhaul Kit Raven II: $143k
Core charge for parts: $39,210 (typically 80-85% refunded determined by Robinson)
Raven I: $41k
Raven II:$53k
Interior (optional): Velour: $7,100
Interior (optional): Leather: $7,800
Magnaflux service:$800
Overhaul labor: $16,500
Total Cost Raven I w/ interior: $301,181
Total Cost typical Raven II w/interior:$375,981

Overhaul exchange engine from Robinson (includes engine build up kit and overhauled oil cooler and alternator and for raven II includes fuel servo)

Looking to reduce fuel burn? More power?

Smoketown Helicopters is a Powerflow exhaust dealer.

Helicopter Maintenance
Helicopter Maintenance
Helicopter Maintenance